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Leadership Takes Place

If you want to know how to become a good leader keep reading. To be a good leader you have to have responsibility for other kids in your group. When you're standing in front or your group you have to be confident. Communication and respect is an important thing to have with your group. A good leader shows loyalty and teamwork to other team members.

On the 22nd of June 60 odd Picton Public School students went on a bus to Wooglemai Peer Support Camp for an overnight trip to learn about leadership. The whole point of going was to learn about leadership, responsibility and loyalty for others.

The Wooglemai activities were about teamwork and trust. A group of Picton Public School students said that the activities they did showed a lot of teamwork and working together.  One of the boys said that Wooglemai Peer Support Camp was the best camp he had ever been on and one of the girls said that the camp could have been better.

If you still don't know what a good leader is and means you should go to Wooglemai   Peer Support Camp.

Daniel Nyberg 6C

Leadership Takes Place

By Ruby Carroll

A leader needs to be confident and has good communication skills. Some people are born with leadership skills and some just need to learn them. To be a leader and take charge of a group takes great courage. You need to be capable and have faith in yourself and others.

On the 22nd and 23rd of June, 60 PPS students were at a peer support camp at Wooglemai. The purpose? To learn about the leadership of course!

There was indoor learning time, outdoor activity time and free time after meals. Indoors the children learnt different skills and how to be a leader. Outside, there were different activities where leadership skills could be tested.

We interviewed Ruby Carroll and she said "the camp was really fun" and she found that the giant volleyball tested her skills the most. She also believes that the activity where she felt most like a leader was the hula hoops activity.

Overall everyone had an excellent time. They learnt some skills and wish they could do it all over again.